Monday, February 15, 2010

Closing Out "It Starts With One"

This coming weekend we will be finishing up our first mini-series on the book of Acts. It's been a great ride attempting to cover everything from speaking in tongues to a husband and wife who were struck dead for skimping on their offering to the church (see video below)! Safe to say, we've avoided some landmines...

One of my favorite moments of the series though was the weekend of our Net Group Kickoff. Great to see people (some for the very first time) connecting beyond the weekend. Can't wait to see the growth that comes as our groups move forward in the coming months.

As we close the series this Sunday, I encourage you to attend. It's a message about growing pains! And as always with this series, it speaks to where we are as a church.

Look forward to every week! And I love this church!!